Actor Application

Applicants must type all information. Be accurate and specific. If you must leave an area blank, please mark. Follow the instructions for each section. This application will be kept confidential. It is recommended that you print all application materials for your records before submitting them to Sibos Entertainment/ Sibos Actors Agency. The Office of Admission is unable to return any application materials that are submitted to us..

you should make sure all the information enter are true.

Should be in a postion collect the child if necessary.

Check all that apply.

Structural detail: Clothing & Wears Sizes.

Enter details of your friends you know who will be interested in our services.

Tell us about yourself.

Tell us about your acting experience and what you expect from Sibos Acting Agency, and in particular tell us about what interest into our program, acting, film and television production.

Submitted applications will not be considered as a final application but may be forwarded for reference purposes. Sibos strongly recommends (but does not require) the submission of application should be made in person. Videotapes, films, portfolios, screenplays, etc. are not solicited as part of your application to Sibos Entertainment/ Sibos Actors Agency. Any items sent with your application will not be returned.

I certify that the information given in this application is complete and true to the best of my knowledge, and that I have attended no other institution than those listed herein. I understand that acceptance to Sibos Entertainment/ Sibos Actors Agency is subject to verification and evaluation of all information and documents. I also understand that all documents and supporting materials sent to Sibos Entertainment Company become the property of the Sibos and will not be returned to me.